The House on Carnaval Street (Margarita Wednesdays) by Deborah Rodriguez – Review



A little bit Shirley Valentine, a little bit Eat, Pray, Love: a memoir by the remarkable Deborah Rodriguez.

A hairdresser and mother from the United States married to an aspiring warlord in Kabul, she has been forced to flee Afghanistan. On her return to the US she finds herself lost and floundering. At forty-nine she decides to move to Mexico, packs up her belongings, including her cat, and drives South. She purchases a tiny house in Mazatlan and begins slowly to get to know herself and her surroundings.

A woman who has always taken the road less travelled, Rodriguez allows us to live her exotic life vicariously. She describes the expat scene in Mazatlan, the locals and her new relationships and family with candour and humour.

I found the memoir inspirational. Rodriguez shows us that it is never to late to change course or start life over. Her first nonfiction book, Kabul Beauty School, tells of the beauty school she established in Kabul and again in Mexico she is driven to help make a difference in her community the best way she knows how.

Rodriguez is also the author of  The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul.


I received this book to review via Netgalley.

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