The spotty botty dilemma

For Christmas this year we bought a spa (a.k.a hot tub) from a neighbour. It was a major deal to get it into our backyard and we had six burly men, friends of my son and husband, to haul it over the road and down our narrow side passage. We also had to get an electrician in to wire it up.  My husband was not keen on getting the spa as he dislikes spas and saunas, but he went along with it as we were so keen to have it, and to be really honest we nagged him mercilessly until he agreed to buying it. For the 6 warm weeks of the summer holidays we loved hopping in that spa. My daughter played happily in it for hours with her friends and I would jump in at the end of the day after a swim at the beach and relax.

Oh boy! A spa for Christmas!

Oh boy! A spa for Christmas!

Now the weather is getting a bit cooler the novelty of the spa has well and truly worn off. We are probably using it once a week and sometimes I just hop in to prove to my husband how great it is and what a clever decision it was to buy it. “Look at me! I’m loving this spa! Come on in!” I cry.

Over the weekend my daughter had her best friend over for sleepover. They had just finished dance class and I suggested they have a spa to relax their tired muscles. I hadn’t put much chlorine in lately because no-one had been using it, so I suggested they keep their heads out just to be sure.

On Monday the best friend’s mum rang to see if my daughter was OK because her daughter was covered in spots, particularly on the bottom, and was at home with a migraine. No, I assured her, Lily had gone to school as usual. When Lily got home I checked her bottom and sure enough, her bottom was COVERED in red spots and yesterday she had the day off school feeling under the weather and a bit itchy.

I texted the friend’s mum the next day to see how she was and she said she had taken her to the doctor and she had a case of hot tub rash! This is a thing!  I felt terrible! The guilt, the neglect, the dirtiness of it! Apparently it is a result of POORLY maintained spas. Luckily the friend’s mum is a lovely person, and she was totally fine about it. No blame or mention was made about my neglectful and slatternly spa maintenance.

The spa has been emptied and now I am torn. The dilemma is, do I sell the spa and infuriate my husband who never wanted it in the first place? (Don’t get me wrong he is generally a very easygoing guy.)  Or do we keep it and I just remain hyper-vigilant in keeping it germ free but forever more experiencing a nagging feeling of guilt and anxiety every time a child hops in there, anticipating a call from a confused parent reporting a spotty botty? What do you think?


23 thoughts on “The spotty botty dilemma

  1. I’d sell it. Your husband’s short term anger is small compared to years of anxiety over spotty bottoms! Of course, my husband is more of a spa/pool guy and he thinks just keeping it clean with chlorine will do it just fine. 🙂

    • Thanks for your input! I think part of the problem is the whole exact science of getting the chlorine & ph levels correct just befuddles my non-scientific brain.

  2. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    Years ago my boys and some friends got the same botty spots from a brand new cheap, shallow inflatable pool at our place. I too was very embarassed when ALL the kids had to go to the doctor and go on antibiotics…oh my. I threw out the pool and never purchased another! But it is a much harder choice for you as it is a much bigger investment…good luck deciding 🙂

    • Thanks. I do feel a bit better knowing I’m not the only one. It was costly even though we got a great price from my neighbour. My first instinct was the same though – get rid of it!

  3. d.mooncrab says:

    If not for the maintenance issue, you’d still love that spa. So, I vote that you keep it. There are pool service and supply shops that you could talk to.. I saw that they even sell a strip that you stick in the water and it tells the water’s PH level so you know what to add.. :-).

    • It’s sitting outside in disgrace, emptied, bleached & turned off until its fate is decided. I think I might give it a second chance but 1 more strike & it’s out!

  4. Definitely get rid of it. To keep it and worry about possible spotty bottys would be too stressful in the long run. Sometimes it does us good to admit we were wrong, and I’m sure your hubby will agree with you. 😀

  5. So funny! Dang spotty botties make for difficult decisions. I personally would sell & forego the disinfecting & cleaning & all else it entails….

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  7. That’s another solution – not let kids in, but a horrible one. I love mine, but it is sitting on the cabana porch empty with a leaky pipe that needs repair, and we are discussing the same thing. My husband would rather get me a spa bathtub. You would have a lot more control over that, and since it is emptied every time, you don’t need to worry about spotty bottys. 🙂

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