Colour – Bondi street art

Bondi street art

All along the promenade at Bondi Beach has been made available to local artists to illustrate what would otherwise be a boring concrete wall.20130403-155857.jpg

Bondi fish

This is my response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (NB it’sn not a typo! Different spelling of colour in Australia. iphone photos edited with Picmonkey


21 thoughts on “Colour – Bondi street art

      • It’s always a pleasure. I’m trying to get the blogs I’m following on a spreadsheet so I can keep track of them. Russel Ray said he follows 1900, and I’m only following 500, and can’t do it! So I’m weeding, and making sure that I choose who I am going to visit rather than my reader choosing. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Well I’m not doing a very good job even with 30-40, so I thought I’d give it a try for a while. I’m not trying to post every day. I have tons of posts if someone really wants to visit my site! I was post crazy last year. This year, It’s no longer an experiment, but part of what I do, and I’m enjoying the journey.

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