Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

An evening walk on the coast near Bondi Beach.

This evening my husband and I took the dog for a walk along the coast. We do this walk most evenings at about 5pm and we take about an hour.


Mackenzies Bay at dusk.  iphone and edited with Snapseed – Grunge effect.


Tony emerging. iphone and edited with Snapseed.


A relieved reunion. Mojo hates the water and waits anxiously on the shore until Tony emerges.  Iphone edited with Snapseed


Indigenous whale carving, near Bondi. Hundreds of people pass by this carving every day and don’t notice it. I think it’s very special to have a reminder of local indigenous people and their connection with the sea.  If you look carefully you can see the whale calf inside the larger whale. Iphone and edited to add lots of contrast to show up the lines of the carving with Snapseed.

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20 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

  1. Allyson Mellone says:

    Sue Ann, these are lovely pictures especially the last one! I kept looking at the last picture because the composition is interesting, and because I see these “llllO” on the rocks – like petroglyps or something.

  2. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    How lovely to have such a scenic walk each day…I can tell you don’t take it for granted with your thoughtful and special photos. You used snapseed to great effect 🙂 a beautiful post ps loved the baby whale…

    • Not really much near Bondi. I suspect some was built over when the area was developed & there was a discovery of a carving in someone’s garage when they renovated! There is one carving of a shark at what is now a golf course and a little turtle carving at North Bondi. I will try and get some pics for you!

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