Photo Challenge: Home

When we are out our dog Mojo waits for us to get home on the window seat that looks out on the street. Sometimes I think he sleeps and other times he just keeps watch. He is always thrilled to see us and we get a huge greeting whether we’ve been out for 5 minutes or a few hours. It always bring a smile to my face to see him faithfully waiting and peering out so hopefully.

Dog waiting for owners to get home

Mojo waiting for us to get home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

22 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Lakshmi Loves To Shop says:

    How divine is Mojo…I have just inherited a divine old dog today, Elvis, from my sister’s best friend. They moved from the beach to a city flat and could no longer keep him. I will post his photo in a few days. I haven’t had a dog for a long time as my last dog died of a snake bite and it took me an age to get over him. I am taking Elvis home with me tomorrow 🙂

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