This Summer has been one of extremes. There have been some horrific bushfires resulting in homes lost and holidays disrupted. The upside is that we have spent lots of time at the beach, camping and enjoying slow and lazy days. Yesterday Sydney experienced it’s hottest day ever recorded and topped a whopping 45.8 degrees celsius (equivalent to approx 113 farenheit). So as the temperature went UP I hit the air conditioned cinema to see the Life of Pi and spent the afternoon cooling off at the beach.

Clovelly jump up Australia

UP in the air and into the cooling water at Clovelly Beach, Sydney

Gum tree

Beautiful gum tree keeps going UP, camping at the Newnes Plateau, Blue Mountains, Australia

This is a response to Ailsa’s travel challenge at Where’s My Backpack: UP


23 thoughts on “Up

  1. Allyson Mellone says:

    Feels so cooling! I’m glad you and family are keeping from being parched. I’ve been reading news of extreme heat there… Can’t imagine that kind of heat.

  2. I think your other readers were having identical thoughts as I was! I was sure that the jump would lead to unhappy results. I’m glad the water was just clear!! Beautiful! We get that hot in the summer as well, so I sympathize. I think our worst was 117. My friend and I drove to the coast to get away from it and it was almost as hot there – unheard of!!! Feel free to come here NOW if you want to get out of the heat! We are having rain. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

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