Travel Theme: Transportation

Transportation Indian Style

This is a response to Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Transportation


36 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Transportation

  1. Hi,
    Love your photos, especially the pink girl riding the yak. We are collecting hat this Christmas? Can we use this photo for our post?
    All credit will be given properly and link back to yours.
    Only thing need to know:
    1. Where is the picture taken: city, town, country.
    We are doing a Hat Day – Hatter’s Paradise at the moment.

  2. Ha ha ha – I assure all your readers you haven’t seen the best (or worse) of this yet. I am always sitting in a traffic jam when I see these things and no way will you want to jump out of the car to take photographs, you would be run over immediately . But, oh, the sites you do see – dangerous, funny, Ciao, Carina

  3. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    A wonderful assortment of transportation types Sue Anne. Carving roads right out of rock mountains.. human power is amazing, isn’t it.

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