Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is one of the world’s largest free to the public events. The spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk is transformed into a 2km long temporary sculpture park featuring over 100 sculptures by artists from Australia and across the world. This year is Sculptures 16th year and as a Bondi local I have watched this event grow and develop from a few small sculptures dotted on Bondi Beach to an event attracting thousands of visitors each year. It is a 3 week event and takes place in Oct-Nov each year.  Which is your favourite?


This is a kinetic sculpture that is a tribute to the 220 victims of the Bali bombing. When the wind blows the bamboo makes an amazing sound. A beautiful memorial looking at Ben Buckler headland, Bondi, Sydney


Sculptures set up along Mackenzies Bay, Sydney


Ribbons. Marks Park, Sydney


Lookout from Marks Park, Sydney. One of my favourite places in the world (and where I got married!)




Casting Around. This is made from fishing rods. Tamarama, Sydney


9 thoughts on “Sculpture by the Sea

  1. Particularly great shots of the ribbons and the casting rods. I have to get back to SBTS before it finishes.

    It is a superb Sydney event – the best one yet invented, I believe. Thousands agree with me.

  2. Great photos …. thanks for following along with the Life Bus. Sounds like you have already hitched a ride on the Life Bus concept!! Have fun out there.

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