Photoaday September 4th: In the letterbox

Another one! We are all big internet shoppers here. I buy books, my husband buys outdoor gear and my son buys odd items on eBay that he then changes into something else. Unfortunately we also have a very lazy postman. I often get these in the letterbox even though I’m at home when it says he has tried to deliver it. So I’m off to the post office!


4 thoughts on “Photoaday September 4th: In the letterbox

  1. Judy says:

    This very subject was discussed at length on James Valentine’s program on 702 a few weeks ago. After complaints on his “Rant” segment from several listeners about the same thing you mention, James spoke to a rep at Australia Post who was adamant that their contractors were meant to ring the doorbell and and deliver the parcel. Mind you, someone who did this sort of work phoned in to say the reality was they’re paid an hourly rate and basically aren’t going to waste time doing more than just dropping off the notice. I suggest you phone Australia Post customer relations people and let them know what’s been going on. If more people did this the contractors might feel they’re under pressure to deliver the service they’re being paid for. You’re paying for an item to be delivered to your home, not to the PO.
    So there 🙂

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