Capture the Colour

Capture the Colour is a photography competition which challenges bloggers to produce a blog post with up to 5 travel photos that “Capture the Colour” . The featured colours are blue, green, yellow, white and red.

This is my entry into the TravelSupermarket Capture the Colour Photo Contest.

Blue: Woman in a blue sari

Mumbai, India


Woman filling up her water for the day at a communal tap, Mumbai

In 2006 we visited some of the slums of Mumbai to see the work of an amazing woman, Dr Gopa Kothari. She is working to improve the conditions of people living in the slums. To be honest I was expecting the slums to be dirty and grim but I found the reverse to be true. People took immense pride in where they were living and the whole place was kept spotlessly clean. Decorative touches were everywhere with tiles, paintings and of course the women’s beautiful saris adding unexpected bursts of colour. A place of unexpected beauty and dignity.

Green: Houseboats

Nagin Lake, Kashmir

Houseboats on Nagin Lake, Kashmir

Houseboats on Nagin Lake, Kashmir

I first visited Nagin Lake in Kashmir in 1988 as a 21 year old backpacker and then again as a wife and mother in 2006 with my family. Despite civil unrest and an obvious army presence the lakes of the Kashmir Valley remain beautiful and peaceful places. The owners of the houseboat were incredibly hospitable to us and showed my son and daughter how to fish, how to make Kashmiri tea and how to paddle a shikara. We are still in touch and plan to return one day to do a pony trek with them.

Yellow: Yellow rickshaw

Hyderabad, India

Rickshaw driver, Hyderabad

Rickshaw Driver, Hyderabad, India

We lived in Hyderabad, India for 6 months. We were given a car and a (maniac) driver who used to drive the children to and from school. Some mornings when he wasn’t available we took a rickshaw to school, which we all preferred. I think the rickshaw drivers were a bit safer than our regular fellow who had a penchant for driving on the opposite side of the road and never changing out of third gear.

White: Jellyfish

Monterey Bay Aquarium, USA

White jellies

Jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Last year we hired an RV and travelled around the US visiting National Parks. We drove 3000 miles in 4 weeks. My kids hate museums (they might learn something!) so I had quite a bit of convincing to do to get the whole family to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We all loved it and spent hours there. Jellies are 95% water. They don’t have bones, brains, blood, teeth or fins. See why they resist me? Can’t help but slip in a fun fact!

Red: Red Heliconia Flower


Red flowers Bali

The gardens of Bali must be some of the most beautiful in the world. The Balinese have a knack for integrating the garden with the inside of the house so that there is a natural flow between the inside and outside. These Heliconia flowers are quintessentially tropical.

As part of the rules of the competition I need to nominate 5 bloggers to enter. My nominations are:


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